toeic_頻出 002

No. english select
256) For the most part, modernization is identified with westernization.
257) Urban culture appears to be attractive to many people, in particular, to younger people.
258) 'AI stands for 'artificial intelligence.'
259) Household appliances are becoming more convenient day by day.
260) My income is not adequate to provide for my family of four, but we have to make the best of it.
261) The popularity of a website depends on its content.
262) You've got to keep up with it. Once you fall behind, it's hard to catch up.
263) As technology rapidly advances, it's tough to keep pace with it.
264) More and more people are rushing to make use of the interactive nature of the medium.
265) Innovation has something to do with the ability to notice unusual phenomena.
266) A bunch of other companies are imitating our excellent methods.
267) The once desolate valley was transformed into a thriving hub of hi-tech business.
268) Although there's still plenty of room for improvement, his invention is superior to conventional equipment in every respect.
269) The strength of the firm is attributed to its unique and future-oriented strategies.
270) SONY has integrated a wide range of functions into this cool gadget. It's catching on from coast to coast.
271) This tool comes in handy, so I always keep it close at hand.
272) 'In general, consumers prefer quantity to quality.' 'It's the other way around today.'